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Pride Amusements is a family owned and operated business, originally founded by Ed and Betty Burlingame in 2006. Ed and Betty originally founded Pride of Texas Shows in the 1960’s.  They sold Pride of Texas Shows to Doug and Christy Barton in 2006 moving their operation further north.  Thus, Pride Amusements was born.  With the loss of Ed in April, 2015, it is now led by the mother and son team of Betty and James Burlingame.  Betty handles the business end of the operation while James handles the day to day operation of keeping the show operational and on the road. 

Pride Amusements specializes in providing rides, games, and food concessions to fairs, festivals, and events throughout the states of Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.  Let our expertise show you how we can improve your event.


Every day, each attraction is inspected by the operator and our ride superintendent before any customer is allowed to ride. Our ride superintendent and office manager are NAARSO certified ride inspectors.

In addition to daily inspections, the attractions also undergo a yearly inspection completed by a State of Texas ride inspector. While in Oklahoma and Arkansas, each attraction is inspected weekly by state inspectors per state law. A thorough yearly inspection is also completed by our insurance company.

Pride Amusements is insured by the most premier insurance agency in the business, Haas & Wilkerson Insurance. The Burlingame family has been doing business with Haas & Wilkerson for four generations now.

To see what rides your child can ride, please view our height requirements using the link below.

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